2022 Educational Conference Registration

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Our theme, “ONE TEAM ” represents the power that unity can have AND the progress that comes with one unified voice. We expect to see 400+ township officials participate again this year and hope that you are one of them!


The conference is open to anyone affiliated with your township: Trustees, Board members, employees, and township attorneys. No matter the role, everyone involved in township government should be eager to learn best practices and – most importantly – learn what statute has to say about our jobs!


Welcome to the Indiana Township Association


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What is Township Government?

A township in the United States refers to a small geographic area, ranging in size from 6 to 54 square miles (15.6 km to 140.4 km ), with 36 square miles (93 km ) being the norm.

The township government is a local unit of government, originally rural in the application. They are geographic and political subdivisions of a county. The township is identified by a name, such as Washington Township. The responsibilities and the form of the township government are specified by the state legislature. The most common form of township government has an elected board of trustees or supervisors. Some additional offices, such as Clerk or Constable, may also be elected. The most common responsibilities include such things as road maintenance, land use planning, and trash collection.

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